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Table 1 Description and list of individual questionnaire items for each socio-behavioral category.

From: Female social and sexual interest across the menstrual cycle: the roles of pain, sleep and hormones

Physical Discomfort (0 = lowest frequency, duration, severity; 4 = highest frequency, duration, severity)
   Cramps and/or abdominal pain
   Bloating and/or weight gain
   Breast tenderness and swelling
Exercise (hours per day)
   Participate in vigorous physical activity as part of work, school, home, or leisure time
Sleep Disturbance (0 = statement does not apply at all; 4 = statement always applies)
   Experience repeated awakenings
   Feel exhausted upon waking
   Do not feel well-rested after sleeping
   Fight falling asleep during the day
   Fall asleep at work, school, or activities
General Attraction (0 = not at all; 4 = extremely)
   Feel an attraction or interest toward another person
Social Attraction
   Would be difficult to approach other (reverse-scaled)
   Would not be able to establish a friendly rapport with other (reverse-scaled)
   Other would understand how I feel
   Would enjoy the company of other
Physical Attraction
   Would find other physically attractive
   Other would be sexually appealing
   Would take pleasure in sexual relations with other
Task-oriented Attraction
   Would not get anything accomplished with other (reverse-scaled)
   Would be able to depend on other to get things done
   Other would be fun to work with