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Table 5 Correlations of hormones to socio-behavioral categories and individual questionnaire items.

From: Female social and sexual interest across the menstrual cycle: the roles of pain, sleep and hormones

Control Group OC Group
T1 Physical Discomfort E2 .500* T1 General Attraction D .450*
     Cramp Frequency E2 .453*   Physical Attraction E3 -.488*
     Bloating Severity E2 .658**      Physically Attracted E3 -.544*
     Bloating Frequency E3 .447*      Physically Attracted T -.543*
     Bloating Severity T .526*   Task-Oriented Attraction   n.s.
  Exercise E2 .575**      Depend on Other P -.456*
  Sleep Disturbance   n.s.      Depend on Other T -.558*
     Awakenings E3 .481* T2 Physical Discomfort   n.s.
  Social Attraction T -.541*      Bloating Duration E3 .543*
     Approach Other E2 -.662**      Bloating Severity E3 .543*
     Establish Rapport E2 -.456*      Bloating Frequency D .455*
     Approach Other E3 -.497*   Exercise D .496*
     Approach Other T -.646**   Sleep Disturbance   n.s.
     Establish Rapport T -.544*      Fight Falling Asleep T -.456*
  Physical Attraction   n.s.   Social Attraction   n.s.
     Physically Attracted P .472*      Approach Other D .535*
T2 Physical Discomfort   n.s.   Task-Oriented Attraction   n.s.
     Bloating Duration E3 .543*      Accomplish Work with Other E2 .465*
     Bloating Severity E3 .543*      Accomplish Work with Other E3 .452*
     Bloating Frequency D .455*      Accomplish Work with Other D .623**
  Social Attraction   n.s. T3 Physical Discomfort C -.482*
     Enjoy Company C .487*      Breast Tenderness Duration P -.454*
T3 Sleep Disturbance   n.s.      Breast Tenderness Severity P -.470*
     Awakenings E2 .466*      Cramp Duration C -.525*
  General Attraction E3 -.462*      Breast Tenderness Frequency C -.483*
  Social Attraction   n.s.      Breast Tenderness Duration C -.479*
     Understood by Other E2 .474*   Exercise E2 .594**
  Physical Attraction E2 .446*   Exercise P .461*
     Other Sexually Appealing E2 .486*   Exercise T .572**
  Task-oriented Attraction     Exercise D .465*
     Accomplish Work with Other E3 .564**   Social Attraction   n.s.
         Establish Rapport P .556*
         Understood by Other D -.466*
      Physical Attraction   n.s.
         Physically Attracted D -.446*
      Task-Oriented Attraction   n.s.
         Accomplish Work with Other P .507*
  1. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, n.s. = non-significant for category associations.
  2. T1: early- to mid-follicular phase, T2: mid-cycle, T3: mid- to late-luteal phase;, E2: estradiol, P: progesterone, E3: estriol, T: testosterone, D: dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, C: cortisol.