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Figure 1

From: Smoking decreases the level of circulating CD34+ progenitor cells in young healthy women - a pilot study

Figure 1

Enumeration of circulating progenitor cells. A) Detection of CD34 + side scatterlow and CD34 + /CD133 + side scatterlow cells, defining circulating progenitor cells, by flow cytometry. B) Endothelial progenitor cells analyzed by in vitro formation of colony forming unit (EPC-CFU) in a cell culture assay of peripheral blood mononuclear cells of young healthy women. Phase contrast photomicrograph of endothelial progenitor cell colony (EPC-CFU) with a central cluster of cells surrounded by migratory spindle shaped cells (left) and fluorescence photomicrograph after staining with acLDL-Dil (right).

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