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Table 2 Theme: Relationship with Mom

From: "I'm the Momma": Using photo-elicitation to understand matrilineal influence on family food choice

Theme Relationship with Mom
Definition Participants describing the mother-daughter relationship, including attitudes toward Mom (e.g. mother, grandmother, aunt).
Representative Quotes "Yeah, my aunt...If I don't know som'n, I'll call her." -Gladys
"...My mom does not spend much time at our house at all..." -Sunny
"...She [mother] doesn't listen so it doesn't-...I'm like, 'You're feeding them too much', you know. 'They're eating too much snacks.'..." -Pat
Subthemes Established relationship (positive attitude toward Mom);
Disconnected relationship demonstrated (neutral attitude toward Mom);
Strained relationship (negative attitude toward Mom)