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Table 5 Theme: Different than Mom

From: "I'm the Momma": Using photo-elicitation to understand matrilineal influence on family food choice

Theme Different than Mom
Definition Definition: Participants rejecting Mom's food habits in favor of something different, usually to reflect more health-conscious values
Representative Quotes "...My mom...It was so easy for her to run through McDonald's and be done with it. Two happy meals-kids are fed. And so that's pretty much how we-, we grew up and went through school...It's just recently changed as I've gotten out on my own, and I know, I mean I can balance what's right for you and you know not so good for you."-Vicki
"Yep, they [children] don't care for vegetables, but see-. I grew up like that...I really don't care. I just started makin' myself eat vegetables cuz I usedta didn't eat 'em at all. So I try to...throw in the spinach...throw in the uh, greens, and throw it all in there you know..." -Gladys
Subthemes None