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Table 2 Compliance with treatment as rated by the physician and patient.

From: Compliance and treatment satisfaction of post menopausal women treated for osteoporosis. Compliance with osteoporosis treatment

Physician-rated compliance
Patients considered compliant 748 (95.4%)
Patient-rated compliance
MMAS score (mean ± SD) 3.34 ± 1.07
Compliant patients (Morisky score = 4) 483 (65.5%)
Patients considered compliant by both physician and patient 476 (64.6%)
Patients considered non-compliant by both physician and patient 26 (3.5%)
Kappa concordance coefficient 0.11 [95% CI: 0.06 to 0.16]
  1. Significant differences in reply distributions were not observed between the three physician groups. Data for physician-reported compliance concern the questionnaire population (N = 785; missing data: N = 1) and for patient-rated compliance and concordance the autoquestionnaire population (N = 751; missing data: N = 13). MMAS: Morisky Medication-taking Adherence Scale.