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Table 2 Attitudes, vaccine awareness, and physician interaction

From: Reasons for non-vaccination against HPV and future vaccination intentions among 19-26 year-old women

  Responses N %
Cervical cancer is a devastating disease (% agreement†) 185 173 93.5
Genital warts are an embarrassing condition (% agreement†) 180 162 90.0
I am comfortable discussing sexual health issues with a doctor or nurse (% agreement†) 185 135 73.0
Vaccine to prevent cervical cancer was very important to them ‡ 176 57 32.4
Doctor discussed and recommended vaccine to help prevent cervical cancer 176 53 30.1
Received a strong recommendation§ from doctor to get cervical cancer vaccine 176 27 15.3
  1. †Strongly or moderately agree (5 or 6 on the 6-point Likert scale).
  2. ‡Checking "very important" to a question stated as, "How important do you think the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer is for you?" with possible answers of not at all, not very, somewhat, or very important.
  3. §Equivalent to a score of 4 or 5 on the 5-point Likert scale.