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Table 4 Reasons for taking no additional action regarding HPV vaccination*

From: Reasons for non-vaccination against HPV and future vaccination intentions among 19-26 year-old women

  N %
Married or in an exclusive (monogamous) relationship 45 54.9
Vaccine is too new 29 35.4
Do not have enough information about vaccine 26 31.7
Concerned about side effects 20 24.4
Unsure of insurance coverage 20 24.4
Cannot afford cost of vaccine 12 14.6
Pregnant or trying to conceive 9 11.0
Not sexually active 8 9.8
Doctor recommended against getting vaccine 4 4.9
  1. *Among those stating that they were somewhat likely, very likely, or extremely likely (3-5 on a 5-point scale) to do nothing to get the vaccine (N = 82). Two respondents had missing data. Based on "all that apply" responses.