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Table 3 Population attributable fractions of direct risk factors for secondary infertility

From: The risk factor profile of women with secondary infertility: an unmatched case-control study in Kigali, Rwanda

predictor Pe AOR3 PAF%4
Obstetric events1 0.38 3.03 25
STIs 2 0.74 1.57 27
Endogenous infections (BV) 0.28 1.95 14
HIV 0.42 3.58 30
  1. 1includes postpartum infection, caesarean section, unsafe abortion and/or curettage
  2. 2includes positive HSV-2, Chlamydia and/or syphilis serology
  3. 3 logistic regression model included all listed (composite) variables
  4. 4 PAF is calculated using the following formula: PAF = pe(AOR-1)/AOR, with pe the proportion of cases exposed and AOR is derived from a logistic regression model containing all the listed biological factors and age.