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Table 1 Sampling framework and approach for recruiting women for the study

From: Rates of IUCD discontinuation and its associated factors among the clients of a social franchising network in Pakistan

Multi-stage sampling procedure 1st stage   2nd stage     3rd stage
  Randomly selected districts, by stratification of region Suraj providers/centres having healthy client flow in July 2010, December 2009 and Jan 2009 Number of clients availed IUCD services in Jul 2010, Dec 2009, and Jan 2009 from the 39 selected providers Random selection of clients from a list after stratification by type of client
Selection at each stage Nine (9) districts out of 18 districts   Thirty nine (39) Suraj providers from 52   All 4011 IUCD clients (R-2013; V-1998)   3000 were selected (R-1347; V-1653)