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Table 1 About being active description

From: Evaluation of About Being Active, an online lesson about physical activity shows that perception of being physically active is higher in eating competent low-income women

Lesson components Specific content examples
Exercise IQ survey Participants answer “true” or “false” to these statements:
• Doing a lot of sit-ups will give me a flat stomach
• When it comes to exercise, the saying ‘no pain, no gain’ is…
• While exercising, feeling thirsty is a sign that you need to drink fluids (such as water)
• Body weight can stay the same or increase with exercise even though you are losing fat
• If you can say a few words, catch your breath and then carry on talking while exercising, you are exercising at a good level for you
• You need to use sports drinks during any exercise
Typical patterns of physical activity and inactivity Think about your typical day. Which person are you most like?
• Sit Down Sarah- Sarah isn’t active during the day. She sleeps, eats, takes the bus or drives to work and to do errands, mostly sits at her desk or computer station at work, watches TV, mostly plays video games for fun and then goes to bed.
• Hardcore Hayley- Hardcore Hayley isn’t much more active during the day than Sit-down Sarah. Like Sarah, Hayley sits a lot during the day, takes the bus or drives everywhere, but she does take time to work out for about an hour each day. Hayley isn’t concerned about her sit-down lifestyle because she works out each day.
• Lifestyle Linda- Lifestyle Linda is active throughout the day. Linda may walk or ride a bike to work or when doing errands. If she drives, she parks the car at the far end of the parking lot so she can walk to where she is going. Linda doesn’t necessarily work out or exercise regularly but she gets a lot of activity during the day. She ends up burning as many calories as Hardcore Hayley whose only activity is a regular exercise session.
• Combo Chris- Combo Chris is not only active during the day, but she also finds time for a serious exercise session. Chris has the highest calorie use of all and gets the most benefit from being active.
What are your reasons for being more active? For each response, a pop-up window appears to describe how exercise will lead to each of these goals
Dealing with obstacles When you select an obstacle, a pop-up describes ways to overcome these obstacles and find ways to exercise despite the obstacles.
Setting goals • Asks participants to write down exercise goals
• Provides a grid to record activity throughout the day
Feel good about moving Stresses the importance of feeling good about moving and resting your body as fitness goals.