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Table 4 Examples of sensitive interactions

From: Digging over that old ground: an Australian perspective of women’s experience of psychosocial assessment and depression screening in pregnancy and following birth

Woman/Midwife interaction Woman/ CFHN interaction
M9 – Have you had any major stressors in the past 12 months? W11 – No I think I’ve coped fairly well, but is it normal to feel a bit emotional like during breastfeeding, it’s a bit like premenstrual… I have had a bit going on surprisingly?
W30 – Only the miscarriage(looking down into hands clasped in the woman’s lap)  
M9 – That’s a toughy… that would have been hard, I’m sorry about that (midwife turns to look at woman and smiles gently) CFHN 6 – yep, yep definitely with all the hormones, but has there been anything else that has been troubling you that you’d like to talk about?
W30 – (woman looks up and turns to face the midwife) Yes it was really hard