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Table 2 Multivariate logistic regression showing adjusted odds ratio between socio-demographic and curriculum and poor sexual health knowledge in ≤15 year adolescents

From: Determinants of sexual health knowledge in adolescent girls in schools of Riyadh-Saudi Arabia: a cross sectional study

Variables Adjusted odds ratio 95% CI p value
Father’s Education level
Graduate/postgraduate 1 (reference)   
Secondary/primary 0.32 0.09–1.08 0.06
Mother’s Education level
Graduate/post graduate 1 (reference)   
Secondary/primary 0.83 0.45–1.55 0.56
School Curriculum discusses sexual topics
Yes 1 (reference)   
No 0.58 0.33–0.95 0.04
Birth Order
Eldest among siblings 1 (reference)   
Being2nd or more in birth order 2.25 1.19–4.26 0.01
Interaction term between
Low fathers education with Low mothers education 10.87 2.44–48.38 <0.01