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Table 3 Associations between consumption of beer, wine and liquor and incident hip fracture in the WHI CT+OS cohort

From: Preference for wine is associated with lower hip fracture incidence in post-menopausal women

  Logistic model with alcohol consumption indicators
Model HR (95% CI) P-value HR (95% CI) P-value
Consumes one or more servings of beer per week   p=0.8756   p=0.3267
  Beer, yes vs. no 0.98 (0.75, 1.28)   1.14 (0.88, 1.49)  
Consumes one or more servings of liquor per week   p=0.0004   p=0.4408
  Liquor, yes vs. no 1.37 (1.15, 1.63)   1.07 (0.90, 1.28)  
Consumes one or more servings of wine per week   p=0.0010   p=0.0002
  Wine, yes vs. no 0.78 (0.67, 0.90)   0.75 (0.64, 0.87)  
  1. Table 3 is adjusted for beer consumption, liquor consumption, wine consumption, ethnicity, age group, education, osteoporosis, falls in the past year, bisphosphonate drug use, smoking status, HT status, physical activity measured in MET hours, BMI category, HT trial arm, CaD trial arm, OS versus CT cohort, previous hip fracture at age 55+, and parental history of hip fracture at age 40+.