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Table 2 Coping comparison framework

From: Ways of coping with premenstrual change: development and validation of a premenstrual coping measure

Skinner’s analysis of coping Carver’s brief cope Premenstrual coping measure
Problem solving Active coping Looking after the body
Planning Planning
Substance use
Support seeking Using emotional support Social support and communication
Instrumental support
Escape avoidance Denial Avoiding harm to self
Distraction Self-distraction Self-care
Positive cognitive restructuring Positive reframing Awareness
Acceptance Acceptance
Social withdrawal   Desire to be alone
Emotional regulation   Emotional regulation
Helplessness Behavioural disengagement self-blame  
Negotiation   Self-care
Opposition Venting  
Information seeking   
  1. Comparisons of commonly identified coping processes, coping subscales of the Brief COPE and categories of items for the original item pool for the PMCM.