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Table 1 An example of analysis process

From: Patients’ and physicians’ descriptions of occurrence and diagnosis of endometriosis: a qualitative study from Iran

Theme Category Code Story
Feeling inability to play the role of femininity    
   - Complaint of pain during the coitus - I suffered from painful sex; I couldn’t have sex anymore. I cried…
- I felt a severe pain under my belly.
   - Disappearance of pain after the coitus - …I had no pain after intercourse.
   Feeling of explosive pain during the coitus - ….pain was so severe that I felt an explosive pain during sex.
   - Sexual disability - …I couldn’t have different positions in sex due to my severe pain.
- … when it took long I stopped. I could not tolerate it.
   - Burning sensation during the coitus - … I could not tolerate it because I had burning sensation in my uterus.
  Infertility occurrence   
   - Complaint of infertility - … I did not get pregnant after one year and it is very difficult for me to have a baby…
   - Ineffective infertility treatments - …I had not successful IVF…
   - History of abortion - I had an abortion two years ago…