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Table 4 Short term contraceptive user women, who had myths and misconceptions about LAPMs in Wolaita zone, Southern Ethiopia, January, 2013

From: Factors affecting women’s intention to use long acting and permanent contraceptive methods in Wolaita Zone, Southern Ethiopia: A cross-sectional study

Characteristics (n = 411) Frequency Percent
Women who think there are barriers to use LAPMs 265 64.5
Myths and misconception heard on LAPMs 276 67.2
The implant would cause hypertension 191 46.5
Implant moves freely in the body and lost at the time of removal 162 39.4
Implant causes illness 187 45.5
IUCD Causes illness 116 28.2
Implant causes anemia 147 35.8
IUCD causes anemia 97 23.6
LAPMs cause infertility 32 7.8
Others* 34 8.3
  1. *LAPMs interfere with routine activities if one has work load, LAPMs lead to twin pregnancy, LAPMs cause pregnancy to occur out of the uterus, LAPMs could suck blood, to use LAPMs one needs to have a balanced diet.