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Table 2 Survey questions, and absolute and relative (%) number of expected answers on attitude

From: Knowledge, attitude and practice about cancer of the uterine cervix among women living in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo

Questions Expected answer N (%) with score = 1
1. What would you do in case of vaginal bleeding between periods? Consult a medical doctor or go to a health centre 419 (80.0)
2. Are you willing to regularly consult a medical doctor for screening of cervical cancer? Yes 297 (56.7)
3. Are you willing to get a smear test? Yes 417 (79.6)
4. Would you want that a screening national program would be made available in the future? Yes 498 (95.0)
5. Are you willing to pay for a smear test? Yes 166 (31.7)