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Table 3 Clinical statistics of levonorgestrel

From: A systematic review of effectiveness and safety of different regimens of levonorgestrel oral tablets for emergency contraception

Outcome measures Dosage regimen
  1.5 mg 0.75 mg (12 hourly) 0.75 mg (24 hourly)
Pregnancy rate (%) 0.64(a) – 1.28(b) 0.57(b) – 2.0(c) 1.9(c)
Prevented fraction (%) 92.99(a) – 94.7(b) 75.0(c) – 95.2(b) 72.0(c)
Side effects (more prominent) Headache, breast tenderness, heavy menses, fatigue, vomiting Nausea, diarrhea, lower abdominal pain, delay of menses Dizziness
  1. (a)[30]; (b)[31]; (c)[32].