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Table 4 Adjusted risk factors for urinary incontinence

From: Descriptive cross sectional study on prevalence, perceptions, predisposing factors and health seeking behaviour of women with stress urinary incontinence

Risk factors Adjusted OR* (95% CI) p value
Chronic cough 2.8 (1.5–5.1) 0.001
Constipation 2.8 (1.2–6.8) 0.015
Diabetes mellitus 2.0 (1.002–3.8) 0.049
Having two or more children 2.9 (1.6–5.2) 0.000
  1. *The variables chronic cough, constipation, diabetes mellitus, having two or more children, undergoing vaginal delivery and faecal incontinence were included in the final model used for multivariate analysis.