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Figure 2

From: Xanthogranulomatous inflammation of the perimetrium with infiltration into the uterine myometrium in a postmenopausal woman: a case report

Figure 2

Macroscopic and microscopic features of the abscess. (A) Photograph of the excised uterus. The endometrium was smooth with no inflammatory changes (left), and the abscess was located in the posterior wall of the uterus (right). (B) Photograph of the cut surface of the uterus. The posterior myometrium and perimetrium were yellowish and with areas of necrosis and hemorrhage. (C) Microscopic features (low power): The inflammation destroyed the perimetrium, infiltrated deep into the myometrium (left) but did not reach the endometrium (right). (D) Microscopic features (low power): The xanthogranulomatous inflammation with foamy histiocytes and neutrophils, infiltrating into the myometrium. The smooth muscle cells were dispersed diffusely among the inflammatory cells.

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