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Table 2 Participant's Dietary Intake

From: Hypertensive crisis associated with high dose soy isoflavone supplementation in a post-menopausal woman: a case report [ISRCTN98074661]

Dinner on Day 9, 5:30 p.m.
*Yoplait fat free yogurt–12 ounces
Peanuts, salted–1/4 cup
Navel orange–1 medium
*Banana, ripe–1 medium
*Avocado, ripe–1 small
Potato chips–1 handful
Jelly beans–1/4 cup
*3 Musketeers bar–1/3 of bar
Vanilla ice cream–1/2 cup
Breakfast on Day 10, 8:00 a.m.
*Coffee–21 ounces
*Bacon–3 slices
Eggs, scrambled–2 whole
Toast–1 slice with ~1 teaspoon margarine
* signifies tyramine-containing foods
Foods from participant's Typical Diet containing tyramine or other pressor agents[5,6]
Balsamic vinegar–1–2 teaspoons daily
Cheddar cheese–2–4 ounces daily
Mozzarella cheese–1 ounce daily
Yogurt–16 ounces daily
Dried beans or legumes–1/2 cup daily
Coffee–17–21 ounces daily
Bananas–1 every other day
Avocado–3 times/week
Tamari sauce–1 tablespoon 2 times/week
Swiss cheese–2 ounces/week
Cured meats–1 time/week
Raisins–2–3 times/month
Spinach–2–3 times/month
Blue Cheese–2–3 times/month