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Table 2 Frequency (percentages) of the symptoms and signs and tenderness at examination among the 189 patients diagnosed with PID.

From: The clinical diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease – reuse of electronic medical record data from 189 patients visiting a Swedish university hospital emergency department

Abdominal pain 98
Abnormal vaginal discharge 45
Feelings of sickness 30
Dysuria 27
Fever and/or chills 25
Lower back pain 25
Abnormal bleedings 24
Pain at intercourse 5
Tenderness at examination  
Uterus and/or motion of cervix and both adnexa 49
Uterus and/or motion of cervix only 20
Uterus and/or motion of cervix and one adnexa 19
Both adnexa (uterus untender) 6
One adnexa (uterus untender) 6