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Table 2 Interview guide

From: Satisfaction and quality of life in women who undergo breast surgery: A qualitative study

Pre-operation process: timing; influence/opinion/perceptions of partner, friends, and/or family; reason for operation; motivation; type of operation chosen; information seeking; Internet; decision-making
Pre/post operation perceptions: feelings going into the operation; concerns about complications/surgery process; expectations for recovery process; pre-op expectations for results; immediate feelings after operation
Post-op symptoms: pain; itchiness; discomfort; mobility problems; fatigue; complications; capsular contracture; rippling; numbness; swelling; movement of the arm; tightness in abdominal area
Functional ability and role performance: work and normal activities; interference in social activities; interference in family function; ability to participate in sports/fitness/activities; change in level of comfort; energy and vitality
Aesthetic outcome: size; shape; appearance of scar; symmetry; cleavage; appearance of nipple/areola complex; difference in fit of clothing; change in style of clothing; ability to wear desired clothes and styles; body wholeness/harmony; proportionate; feel to touch; breast-self exams; natural
Psychological well-being and self-concept: changes in mood; changes in confidence level; emotional distress resulting from teasing, comments, or stares prior to or after operation; body image issues; feelings clothed and unclothed; self-consciousness; self-esteem; feelings of femininity; cancer worry; closure to emotions surrounding disease; feelings of normalcy
Relationships with friends and family: reactions of friends and family; difference in treatment or attitude; marital relationship; family relationships; strain of physical or emotional problems on relationships; avoidance behavior; more or less outgoing; feelings in a social setting; undressing in public places
Sexual life: satisfaction with sex life; partner's satisfaction; change in frequency of sex; feelings of sexual attractiveness; degree of sensation in breasts; undressing in front of partner
Surgical care: satisfaction with care; satisfaction with information provided; comfort with surgeon; confidence in surgeon; surgical setting; clinic; staff; follow-up care; information about scar healing; massaging
Expectations: fulfillment of expectations; willingness to repeat and/or recommend procedure; satisfaction with overall appearance; regrets; outcome better or worse than expected; process better or worse than expected