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Table 2 Knowledge on maternal health care among the rural-to-urban migrant pregnant women

From: Knowledge and attitude on maternal health care among rural-to-urban migrant women in Shanghai, China

Knowledge on maternal health care No. of Subjects with correct answer %
Do you think antenatal care is needed? 338 71.2
Should first antenatal examination be done within the first 3 months? 208 43.8
Is it needed to count fetal movement everyday in the late stage of pregnancy? 287 60.4
Can anemia be prevented by eating more iron-contained food during pregnancy? 234 49.3
Does pregnant woman need calcium supply? 323 68.0
Should pregnant woman often check blood pressure? 318 66.9
What action should be taken after amniotic fluid breaks? (keep lying, keep sitting, no special attention, or unknown) 304 64.0
Is it needed to go to hospital when severe headache happens? 448 94.3
Is it needed to go to hospital when vision problem happens? 438 92.2
At which stage of pregnancy does newborn deformity most likely to happen? (<12 weeks, 12–28 weeks, >28 weeks, unknown) 137 28.8
Which method is better for feeding newborns (breast feeding vs. milk powder feeding)? 444 93.5
Should child be vaccinated? 455 95.8