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Table 2 Socio-demographic characteristics and symptoms of cervical cancer

From: Symptomatic presentation with cervical cancer in Uganda: a qualitative study assessing the pathways to diagnosis in a low-income country

Participant Age at diagnosis (years) First three symptoms of illness in order of occurrence FIGO stage
   Inter-menstrual bleeding Post-coital bleeding Post-menopausal bleeding Lower abdominal pain Vaginal discharge (foul smelling, pus-like, watery)  
P1 35–39   1st   3rd 2nd Missing
P2 35–39 1st     2nd 1B
P3 40–44       4A
P4 45–49 1st    2nd   1B
P5 40–44 2nd    3rd 1st 2B
P6 55–59    1st 3rd 2nd 3B
P7 40–44     1st 2nd 1A
P8 40–44 1st    2nd   1B
P9 45–49 1st    3rd 2nd 2A
P10 40–44 2nd    3rd 1st 3B
P11 40–44 2nd    1st   1A
P12 35–39 2nd 1st    3rd 2A
P13 55–59    3rd 1st 2nd 3A
P14 35–39   3rd   1st 2nd 2B
P15 35–39   3rd   2nd 1st 3B
P16 45–49 1st    2nd   3B
P17 50–54    1st 3rd 2nd 3B
P18 35–39 1st    3rd 2nd 2A
  1. FIGO: International federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics.