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Table 3 Patients’ first attributions of symptoms and total time to diagnosis (TTD)

From: Symptomatic presentation with cervical cancer in Uganda: a qualitative study assessing the pathways to diagnosis in a low-income country

Participant TTD (Months) FIGO stage First attributions of illness symptoms
Retained condom Intestinal worms Genital infections (syphilis, gonorrhoea and Candida) Menstrual problems (Menopause and other menstrual abnormalities) Uterine swelling No clue on cause HIV and/or its complications Cervical cancer Other serious illness
P10 2 3B       X    
P11 2 1A     X      
P7 3 1A X         
P8 3 1B     X      
P4 4 1B         X  
P3 7 4A    X       
P15 10 3B    X       
P18 10 2A          X
P9 19 2A     X      
P16 21 3B    X       
P13 24 3A      X     
P12 26 2A        X   
P2 30 1B    X       
P5 39 2B        X   
P6 72 3B     X      
P14 72 2B    X       
P17 72 3B   X       x  
P1 Missing 140    X