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Table 2 Survey of the fields, categories and themes regarding the reproductive health of Roma women in the Hudeje/Vejar settlement

From: Standpoints of Roma women regarding reproductive health

Categories Number of codes in the individual category Themes
- personal healthcare 85 - Roma women’s personal health
- fears regarding health as a cultural specificity 21
- reproductive health and the role of the family 35 - dealing with reproductive health in the Roma community
- beliefs and self-medication 25
- circumstances of a visit to a gynaecologist 9 - treatment at a gynaecologist
- regular consultations with a gynaecologist 52
- temporary visits to a gynaecologist 7
- understanding instructions at the gynaecological clinic 15
- attitude toward the gynaecologist 14
- social-economic problems as an obstacle to treatment 10 - the influence of circumstances in society on the accessibility of healthcare services
- rights, laws 23
- attitudes of Roma women toward healthcare services, communication 74 - (desirable) comprehensive treatment
- occurrence of stigmatising or discrimination at the clinic 25
- inclusion in the network of preventive examinations 8
- participation in educational events 11 - educational programmes on reproductive health for Roma women
- reasons for non-participation 12
- the quality of educational programmes 21
- educational strategies for Roma women regarding the reproductive health of Roma women 10