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Table 1 Participant details

From: Women’s experiences of using vaginal trainers (dilators) to treat vaginal penetration difficulties diagnosed as vaginismus: a qualitative interview study

Age Occupation Nationality Religion Vaginismus Subtype
24 Research Assistant American None (raised Catholic) Primary Partial
31 Visitor Assistant (museum) British Christian Secondary Partial Situational
23 Volunteer/Artist/Missionary American Christian (Protestant) Primary Partial
31 Data analyst British Christian Primary Partial/Total
21 Student/Barmaid British Christian (Methodist) Secondary Partial Situational
41 Administrator British None Primary Total
67 Retired Natural British Christian (Methodist) Secondary Total
Health Therapist
39 Research scientist British None Primary Partial
31 Freelance British Not practising (Greek Orthodox) Primary Total
51 Not working/carer British Not practising (Catholic) Primary Partial
20 Student British None Secondary Total/Partial/Situational
26 Unemployed(IT) British Agnostic Primary
23 Waitress American Roman Catholic Primary Total