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Table 1 Diagnosis details

From: Management of musculoskeletal tumors during pregnancy: a retrospective study

  First symptom Pregnancy number Site and size Histology Grading and staging Progression in pregnancy Pregnancy Outcome: delivery; birth weight; gestational age; sex of fetus; APGAR Score Treatment Treatment timing
I Pain noticed in the period between the25th to the 30th week of pregnancya, later tumescence 4th in 2009 Knee joint (right); 16,5x9x12 Synovial sarcoma G3; pT2b, pNX, pMX ∆ Increasing pain and tumescence in the last few weeks of pregnancy, afterwards stable symptoms Cesarean (due to the patients wish); 2750 g; 36th week; male; 9 Marginal tumor resection 8 months postpartum
II Pain which occurred in the 37th week of pregnancy 2nd in 2009 Fibula dist. (left); maximum of 9 cm Ewing’s sarcoma G3; ypT2 Walking problems which occurred in the 39th week Vaginal delivery; 3140 g; 40th week; male; 10 En-bloc resection 11 months postpartum
III Painful swelling noticed in the 31th week of pregnancy 2nd in 2010 Knee joint (left); 13x10x5,5 Clear cell sarcoma, soft tissue b; pT2b, pN1(2,6), pM1 (OSS) Increasing pain until treatment Cesarean (due to the patients wish); 3320 g; 40th week; female; 10 Rotation- plasty 6 months postpartum
IV Pain which appeared in the period between the 30th to the 33th week of pregnancya 1st in 2004 Upper ankle joint (left); 3x2,7,x1,5 Synovial sarcoma G2; pT1b - Vaginal delivery; 3070 g; 38th week; female; 10 En-bloc resection 4,5 months postpartum
V Pain noticed 32th week of pregnancy 2nd in 2002 Femoral head (left); 16x9x8 after neoadjuvant chemotherapy Osteosarcoma chondrobl. G3; pT2, pNX, pM1 (Oss) Increasing pain until treatment Vaginal delivery; 3450 g; 41th week; female; 9 Hemi- pelvectomy 4 months postpartum
VI Pain which occurred between the 12th-16th week of pregnancya 4th in 2007 [spontaneous abortion] Thigh med. compart. (left); 10,5x9,5x8 Synovial sarcoma G2 (3/1/1); pT2b, pNX Increasing tumescence in pregnancy Spontaneous abortion; weight unknown; patient could not remember week of abortion and did not want to know the sex of the fetus; dead Resection c
VII Pain and growing mass both noticed in the 30th week of pregnancy 2nd in 2009 Thigh dorsal (right); 10x9x5 Liposarcoma G2; pT2a ∆ Increasing tumor volume in pregnancy vaginal delvery; 3200 g; 41th week; female; healthy; − Resection 4 months postpartum
VIII Pain, tumescencec 3rd in 2003 Foot (right); several sarcoma focuses Fibrosarcoma G1; pT2b Increasing pain and tumescence until 3rd treatment vaginal delivery; 3500 g; 40th week; male; 10 3 times amputation gestational age of 24, 27 and 28 weeks
  1. aPatient could only provide range of time
  2. bOn the recommendation of the FNCLCC clear cell sarcomas should not be graded
  3. cUnable to retrieve exact time
  4. UICC TMN Staging 6TH edition 2002
  5. UICC TMN Staging 7TH edition 2010