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Table 2 Intravaginal practices and reasons for engagement by participants

From: Intravaginal practices and lactobacilli colonization among women in Accra, Ghana

Intravaginal practices Frequency of participants Percentage, % (P-Value)
Practicing 141 100.0
Yes 0 0.0
Water only/water and Soap 116 82.3(0.075)
Commercial product 14 9.9(0.030)
Wiping with hand/objects 4 2.8(0.044)
Herbs/concoctions 5 3.6(0.001)
Others 2 1.4(0.060)
Hygienic purposes 117 83.0
Sexual satisfaction 15 10.6
Vaginal tightness 8 5.7
Wound healing 1 0.7
Total 141 100.0
  1. All the women studied engaged in intravaginal practices. In the Table are listed the methods they use and the reasons for their practices. Predominantly most of the participants use either water only or water with soap for the purpose of maintaining vaginal hygiene