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Table 4 Respondents menstrual hygienic practices during menstruation in Nekemte Town, Oromia Region, Western Ethiopia, 2014

From: Assessment of knowledge and practice of menstrual hygiene among high school girls in Western Ethiopia

Parameters of practice Number (%)
Uses absorbent materials during menstruation 678 (82.2)
Uses commercially made sanitary pad as absorbent material during menstruation 548 (66.2)
Clean clothes with soap and water 83 (52.9)
Dry cloths in sunlight 71 (45.2)
Changing pads or cloths more than three times and above during menstruation 430 (51.9)
Disposes used sanitary pads in dustbin 167 (20.2)
Uses paper to dispose the pads by wrapping 274 (33.3)
Takes bath daily with soap during menstruation 557 (67.3)
Clean external genitalia during menstruation 787 (95)
Cleans external genitalia with water and soap during menstruation 657 (83.5)
Practice (summary index)  
Good practice 330 (39.9)
Poor practice 498 (60.1)