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Table 3 Highest and lowest ranked perceived benefits and barriers statements at baseline

From: Perceived exercise barriers are reduced and benefits are improved with lifestyle modification in overweight and obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a randomised controlled trial

Benefits Statements - Highest Agreement Mean Score
 Exercise improves the functioning of my cardiovascular system 3.44 (0.50)
 Exercise improves the way my body looks 3.40 (0.54)
 Exercise increases my level of physical fitness 3.37 (0.54)
Benefits Statements - Lowest Agreement  
 Exercise increases my acceptance by others 2.35 (0.65)
 Exercise lets me have contact with friends and persons I enjoy 2.51 (0.74)
 Exercise is good entertainment for me 2.51 (0.55)
Barriers Statements - Highest Agreement  
 Exercise tires me 2.86 (0.71)
 Exercise is hard work for me 2.79 (0.67)
 I am fatigued by exercise 2.60 (0.62)
Barriers Statements - Lowest Agreement  
 My family members do not encourage me to exercise 1.56 (0.59)
 My spouse (or significant other) does not encourage exercising 1.63 (0.70)
 I think people in exercise clothes look funny 1.72 (0.59)
  1. Values are mean (SD). 4 = strongly agree, 3 = agree, 2 = disagree, 1 = strongly disagree