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Table 3 Knowledge of mothers about genital mutilation in the Hababo Guduru district, west Ethiopia, 2014

From: Prevalence and associated factors of circumcision among daughters of reproductive aged women in the Hababo Guduru District, Western Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Knowledge about FGM Yes %
Does FGM represent a health problem? 62 10.2
Does FGM have any categories? 14 2.3
Can FGM bring infection? 36 5.9
Can HIV transmitted by FGM? 37 6.0
Does FGM violate human right? 9 1.5
Does FGM affect both mother and child during birth? 18 2.8
Does religion order circumcision of daughters? 47 7.7
Does Ethiopian law criminalize circumcising daughter? 59 9.7