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Table 2 Medical abortion outcomes: % (n)

From: Self-administered multi-level pregnancy tests in simplified follow-up of medical abortion in Tunisia

  n = 342
Medical abortion outcome at study enda  
 Successb 97.1 (332/342)
 Surgical interventionc 2.9 (10/342)
  Ongoing pregnancy 1.2 (4/342)
  Incomplete abortion at study end 0.6 (2/342)
  Medically necessary 0.9 (3/342)
  Woman’s preference 0.3 (1/342)
  1. aDoes not include 62 women who were lost to follow-up, 4 of whom had incomplete abortions at first follow-up and did not return for extended follow-up
  2. b9 of these women were determined to be complete by phone
  3. cSurgical intervention was done prior to scheduled follow-up for 1 woman with ongoing pregnancy, the 3 women with medically necessary intervention, and the woman who chose intervention