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Table 4 Experience of MLPT and telephone follow-up: % (n)

From: Self-administered multi-level pregnancy tests in simplified follow-up of medical abortion in Tunisia

  n = 348a
Took MLPT at home 99.7 (347)
Attended scheduled clinic follow-up after call 91.4 (318)
Ease of using MLPT at home (n = 346)
 Very easy or easy 95.1 (329)
 Neither easy nor difficult 3.8 (13)
 Difficult or very difficult 1.2 (4)
Participant found provider explanation and instruction sheet useful 99.7 (345/346)
Participant would consider using this test again 97.4 (335/344)
Participant would recommend MLPT to a friend if needed to determine pregnancy status at home 97.7 (335/343)
  1. aDoes not include the 56 women who did not have a follow-up call per protocol