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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion criteria for subjects in study

From: Protocol for a randomized controlled trial to compare bone-loading exercises with risedronate for preventing bone loss in osteopenic postmenopausal women

Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
• Women in first 5 years of menopause • BMO T Score < -2.5 at hip or spine (osteoporosis)
• BMD T score between -1.0 and -2.49 at total hip or L1L4 spine (osteoporosis) • Increased hip and major fracture based on FRAX score
• 19 years of age or older • Bisphosphonates in last 6 months
• Health care provider’s permission to be in study • Currently on estrogen, tamoxifen, Aromatase Inhibitors, others
  • Weight > 300 pounds
  • Serum Vitamin D <10 ng/ml or >100 ng/ml
  • Any conditions that prohibit optimal CaD, risedronate, or exercise