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Table 4 Relationship between lipoperoxides levels and the score of each subscale of the World Health Organization Quality of Life (brief), in postmenopausal women, with univariate and multivariate analysis

From: Quality of life among post-menopausal women due to oxidative stress boosted by dysthymia and anxiety

  Univariate Multivariate
Subscale r p value Unstandardized β (standard error) p value
Physical −0.209 0.020 −0.0003 (0.002) 0.842
Psychological −0.212 0.019 0.002 (0.002) 0.409
Social −0.405 <0.0001 −0.010 (0.003) 0.002
Environmental −0.271 0.004 −0.001 (0.002) 0.409
  1. Data show Pearson correlation coefficient and p value, and multiple linear regression parameters using LPO levels as dependent variable and the subscale scores of WHOQoL-brief as independent variables; the model was adjusted by number of cigarettes consumed and hours of sleep by day and BMI as pro-oxidant life-style factors. R = 0.423, R2 = 0.179, p = 0.012