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Table 2 Study and participant details of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Studies

From: A qualitative exploration of cervical and breast cancer stigma in Karnataka, India

Parameter Breast Cancer Study Cervical Cancer Study
Location Tertiary care hospital: St. Johns Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka Community based: Bangalore Rural and Chikkaballapura Districts, Karnataka through collaboration with Cancer Care India (CCI), an NGO that provides cervical cancer education, screening, diagnostic and treatment services.
Data collection methods - In-depth interviews - Focus Group Discussions (FGD)
- In-depth interviews (IDI)
Participants Inclusion Criteria
- Patients with a histo-pathologically confirmed diagnosis of breast cancer with early, advanced and metastatic disease, their caregivers, and healthcare providers
- Above age 18 and fluent in English, Kannada, or Tamil
- FGD inclusion criteria: Women eligible for screening (30–45 years, 46–60 years) and husbands of women in this age range
- IDI inclusion criteria: Women in the exposed villages who had undergone screening, frontline health care workers (physicians, nurses and community health workers), and community leaders (community day care workers, teachers, members of village government)
Sample size
Participants Number of IDIs Participants Number of FDGs Number of IDIs Total number of individuals
Patients 27 Exposed Villagesb
Primary caregivers 22 Women 4   43
Screened women   6 6
Healthcare providers 10 Husbands 2   21
Unexposed Villagesc
Total 59 Younger Women 4   38
Husbands 2   18
Healthcare Providers   8a 10
Community Leaders   10a 11
Total 12 24 147
Data Analysis software NVivo 9.2 NVivo 9.2 and Atlas Ti
  1. aJoint interviews with two or more respondents
  2. bExposed: where CCI implemented outreach programs
  3. cUnexposed: where CCI planned to conduct outreach programs but had not yet done so