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Table 3 Questionnaire guide details

From: A qualitative exploration of cervical and breast cancer stigma in Karnataka, India

Breast Cancer Study Cervical Cancer Study
Knowledge and awareness about breast cancer
 - Symptoms
 - Experience seeking care
 - Experience receiving diagnosis
 - Personal and family reaction
 - Treatment experience
 - Side effects
Perceptions of care
Financial impact
Family and social relationships
 - Family and social support
 - Changes in relationships
 - Strategies for improving the cancer care trajectory
 - Future plans beyond treatment
Provider role and experiences providing cancer care
Provider perspectives on improving breast cancer prevention and treatment
Awareness about cervical cancer
- Knowledge of: risk factors for cervical, symptoms, prevention, treatability
- Sources of information
Facilitators and barriers to cervical cancer screening (uterus/pelvic exams)
- Knowledge of screening
- Comfort going to or talking about screening and cervical cancer symptoms
- Reasons for not screening
- Willingness to be screened in the absence of symptoms
- Family and community support of cervical cancer screening
- Potential strategies for facilitating screening
- Stigma: Community & family reactions to cancer
- Changes in familial relationships
- Social isolation
- Shame & embarrassment
- Differences in treatment of women with different types of cancer