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Table 3 Acceptability of using MLPTs for at-home monitoring: %(n)

From: Results of a pilot study in the U.S. and Vietnam to assess the utility and acceptability of a multi-level pregnancy test (MLPT) for home monitoring of hCG trends after assisted reproduction

  n = 87
Satisfaction with using MLPTs to monitor pregnancy progress
 Very satisfied/satisfied 73.6 (64/87)
 Neither satisfied nor unsatisfied 21.8 (19/87)
 Unsatisfied 4.6 (4/87)
Ease of using MLPT
 Very easy/easy 96.6 (84/87)
 Neither easy nor difficult 3.4 (3/87)
Felt very confident/confident in MLPT’s ability to help monitor pregnancy progress 86.0 (74/86)
Having additional information from the MLPTs made woman feel…
 More relaxed about the IVF procedure 52.3 (45/86)
 No difference 25.6 (22/86)
 Less relaxed about the IVF procedure 22.1 (19/86)
Would want to use home pregnancy tests to monitor pregnancy progress if had fertility treatment again in future 76.7 (66/86)
Would recommend using home pregnancy tests in addition to hospital visits to a friend having fertility treatments 84.9 (73/86)
Using home MLPTs in lieu of some hospital visits would be more convenient/save time 76.7 (66/86)