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Table 2 Data sources and study participants over the course of the intervention

From: Sowing the seeds of transformative practice to actualize women’s rights to respectful maternity care: reflections from Kenya using the consolidated framework for implementation research

Data Sources Study groups Timing and sample
In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) District health program managers/coordinators Baseline (n = 56)
Health care providers (nurses, doctors)  
Facility in-charges (nurse-midwives/matrons) Supplemental data (n = 33)
Community health workers  
Traditional birth attendants  
Policy makers (county-level) Endline (n = 33)
Professional associations (nursing, medical)  
Women who delivered at a facility in the last 6 months  
Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) Community members: Baseline (n = 20)
Single and multi-parity women (separate groups) Supplemental
Men in the community data (n = 8)
Opinion leaders (chiefs, elders) Endline (n = 5)
Case Narratives Women who delivered at a facility in the last 6 months Baseline (n = 51)
Endline (n = 14)
Process Documentation Community dialogue report Feb 2012
National Stakeholder Forum report March 2012
Trip reports from comprehensive supervision visits (n = 6)
FIDA/ The Nurse/Midwife Association report(s) to (n = 10 each)
PC (quarterly). Steering committee meeting notes (n = 12)
Donor reports(quarterly /annual) (n = 15)