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Table 3 Summary and frequency (based on number of participants) of motivations for using CBHT

From: Why women choose compounded bioidentical hormone therapy: lessons from a qualitative study of menopausal decision-making

Motivations for using CBHT # (%) of CBHT users
Push away from conventional therapies
 Fear and uncertainty about the safety of HT 17 (80.9%)
 Distaste for conjugated estrogens, in particular 10 (47.6%)
 Distrust of biomedicine and the pharmaceutical industry 20 (95.2%)
Push away from alternative therapies
 Ineffective symptom management 13 (61.9%)
Pull toward CBHT
 Effective symptom management 16 (76.2%)
 Perception that CBHT is “safer” than conventional HT 16 (76.2%)
 Desire for individualized treatment 12 (57.1%)
 Enhanced clinical experience 13 (61.9%)