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Table 1 Major nutritional factors assessed with BDHQ

From: Normal/high-fat milk consumption is associated with higher lean body and muscle mass in Japanese women aged between 40 and 60 years: a cross-sectional study

Energy Copper Cholesterol
Weight of foods Manganese Soluble dietary fiber
Water Retinol Insoluble dietary fiber
Protein Vitamin D Dietary fiber
Animal protein α-Tocopherol Salt equivalent
Vegetable protein Vitamin K Sucrose
Fat Vitamin B1 Alcohol
Animal fat Vitamin B2 Daidzein
Vegetable fat Niacin Genistein
Carbohydrate Vitamin B6 n-3 fatty acid
Ash content Vitamin B12 n-6 fatty acid
Sodium Folic acid α-Carotene
Potassium Pantothenic acid β-Carotene
Calcium Vitamin C Cryptoxanthin
Magnesium Saturated fatty acid β-Tocopherol
Phosphorus Monounsaturated fatty acid γ-Tocopherol
Iron Polyunsaturated fatty acid δ-Tocopherol
  1. BDHQ brief-type self-administered diet history questionnaire