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Table 4 Contents of PNC service which women had received during their visit of women who visited public health facilities in Mekelle city, Tigray Ethiopia 2014 N = 118

From: Postnatal care utilization among urban women in northern Ethiopia: cross-sectional survey

Type of service Frequency No (%)
Mothers body temperature measurement 57(48.3)
Examination of breast 15(12.7)
Examination for vaginal bleeding 39(33.1)
Mothers blood pressure measurement 21(17.8)
Counseling on exclusive breast feeding 13(11.0)
Counseling on family planning 64(54.2)
Counseling on HIV transmission 6(5.1)
Counseling on care of baby 13(11.0)
Counseling on baby danger signs 22(18.6)
Counseling on personal hygiene 5(4.2)
Immunization of baby 31(26.3)
Checking hygiene of cord 48(40.7)
Measuring body temperature of baby 5(4.2)
Measuring weight of baby 81(68.6)