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Table 2 Food groups used in factor analysis

From: Major dietary patterns in relation to menstrual pain: a nested case control study

Food groups Food items
Red meats Red meats, ground meats, meatballs, kabob, heart or liver (organ meats)
Fish Fish, canned tuna fish
Poultry Chicken (with or without skin)
Eggs Eggs
Low fat dairy products Low fat milk, low fat yoghurt, dough (yoghurt drink)
High fat dairy products Whole milk, chocolate milk, high fat yoghurt, cream cheese, other cheese, ice cream, cream
Tea and coffee Tea, coffee
Fruit Apples or pears, strawberries, cherries, apricots, grapes, peaches or nectarines, figs, cantaloupe or watermelon, bananas, mangos, persimmons, pomegranates, kiwis, oranges or tangerines or lemons, grapefruit, canned fruits, dates, raisins, dried fruits
Fruit juices Fruit juices, fruit nectars
Sugar sweetened beverages All kinds of sugar sweetened drinks, carbonated beverages
Cruciferous vegetables Cabbage
Green leafy vegetables Spinach, lettuce
Yellow vegetables Carrots
Tomatoes Tomatoes, tomato sauce
Other Vegetables Green herbs, cucumber, squash or eggplant, celery, mushrooms, garlic, onion, radish, peppers, olives, corn, green beans
Vegetable patties Green Herbs patty, potato patty, green bean patty
Legumes Chickpeas, lentils, beans, peas, soybeans
Nuts Walnuts, almonds, other nuts, Seeds
Sweets and desserts Puddings, cakes, cookies, cream cakes or doughnuts, biscuits or wafers
Pickles Cucumber pickle, other pickles
Butter Butter
Sugars Sugars, chocolates, jelly, honey or jam, candies
Salt Table salt
Grains Iranian breads (lavash, sangak or barbari), rice, pasta, barley
Potatoes Potatoes
French fries French fries
Fast food Pizza, burgers, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, sausages, lunch meats
Salty snacks Potato Chips, corn puffs, crackers, popcorn
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise
Added fats Added fats