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Table 3 Lifetime prevalence of intimate partner violence, family violence and other violence. Values are numbers (percentages) unless otherwise stated

From: “It happens to clinicians too”: an Australian prevalence study of intimate partner and family violence against health professionals

Type of violence Lifetime prevalence
Family violence (including witnessing parental IPV) (n = 469) 133 (28.4)
 Childhood witnessing parental IPV only 93 (19.8)
Exposure to IPV and/or FV (n = 469) 212 (45.2)
 Combined history of both IPV and FV 60 (12.8)
 IPV only 79 (16.8)
 FV only 73 (15.6)
Other interpersonal violence (not perpetrated by IP or family) (n = 466) 87 (18.7)
 Other violence only (no combined history of IPV or FV) 26 (5.6)
Total: Lifetime interpersonal violence (by partner, family member and/or other) (n = 469) 238 (50.8)
  1. Denominators vary due to missing responses