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Table 1 Descriptive Study Characteristics by Outcome of Interest

From: Interventions to reduce adverse health outcomes resulting from manifestations of gender bias amongst immigrant populations: a scoping review

Gender Outcome Intervention type Target population Gender Location Was program assessed? (Yes/No); Approach Author, year
Domestic violence (n = 17; 58.6%) Counselling General Men Spain Yes; Follow up surveys Echauri et al., 2013
South Asian Women Canada No Agnew, 1998
Chinese Women Hong Kong, China Yes; A questionnaire at 3 time points Wong et al., 2013
Educational African General Australia Yes; Community advisory focus groups Gregory et al., 2013
Ethiopian General Israel Yes; Feedback forms, focus groups Ben-Porat, 2010
General Women Canada Yes; Focus groups Heinonen et al., 2006
Latina Women USA Yes; Focus groups at 2 follow up points Marrs Fuchsel, 2007
Latino Men USA Yes; Baseline and follow up questionnaires, in-depth interviews Celaya-Alston, 2010
Latino Men USA Yes; Baseline and follow up questionnaires, follow-up interviews with facilitators Nelson et al., 2010
Latino Men USA No Hancock et al., 2009
Vietnamese, Latino, Somali General USA No Pan et al., 2006
Legislative General General USA No Adams and Campbell, 2012
General Women USA No Orloff and Kelly, 1995
Latina Women USA Yes; Baseline and follow up surveys Cesario et al., 2014
Outreach Arab General USA Yes; Focus groups Kulwicki and Miller, 1999
Arab General Canada No Baobaid, N.D.
General General New Zealand No Robinson and Liu, 2015
Female genital circumcision
(n = 2; 6.9%)
Legislative General General Australia No Patrick, 2001
General General Italy No Turillazzi and Fineschi, 2007
Intimate partner violence (n = 6, 20.6%) Counselling General Men USA Yes; Intake and discharge surveys Rothman et al., 2007
Educational General Women USA No Frohmann, 2005
Latina Women USA Yes; Participant journals and questionnaires at 3 time points. Serrata, 2012
Latino Men USA Yes; Interviews with participants Parra-Cardona et al., 2013
Latina Women USA Yes; Oral interviews and participant observation of 5 support group sessions. Morales-Campos et al., 2009
Outreach South Asian General USA No Yoshihama et al., 2012
Sexual violence (n = 4; 13.8%) Educational Central and East African Women Democratic Republic of Congo, Western Ethiopia. Yes; Focus groups, interviews, social mapping exercises, attendance records, service provider quality checklists. Falb et al., 2016
African Women Guinea, West Africa Yes; Closed-ended interview and written test of literacy skills administered to respondents. McGinn and Allen, 2006
African General Tanzania No UN High Commissioner for Refugees, 1997
Legislative Nigerian General Italy No Baye and Heumann, 2014