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Table 1 Aggregated demographic characteristics of study participants

From: Understanding alcohol as an element of ‘care practices’ in adult White British women’s everyday personal relationships: a qualitative study

Participant characteristic Characteristic Value Count
Socio-economic status based on Index of multiple deprivation (IMD) score Most deprived (IMD score 1–5) 13
Least deprived (IMD score 6–10) 13
Ethnicity White British 25
White Irish 1
Age group 20–29 years 6
30–39 years 9
40–49 years 8
50–59 years 2
60+ years 1
Employment status In paid employment 16
Not in paid employment 8
Full-time student 2
Parenting status Non-mother 10
Mother of dependent children only 11
Mother of adult children only 3
Mother of dependent and adult children 2
Relationship status and household composition Married or in a couple relationship and living together with dependent and/or adult children 11
Married or in a couple relationship and living together without children 7
In a couple relationship lives alone with children 1
Single lives alone with dependent and /or adult children 3
Single lives alone 4