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Table 2 An example of analysis process

From: Sexual motivations during the menopausal transition among Iranian women: a qualitative inquiry

Meaning unit Code Sub themes Key themes
We have a romantic relationship with each other …it means we love each other a lot, we talk about our feelings easily, We enjoy being with each other and walking, laughing, hugging… strong emotional intimacy with romantic and friendly relationships Couple communication and romance Intimate coupling
My husband always holds me dear. We try to understand each other… by spending time and listening to each other. We mutually respect each other through honorable talking and behavior effective communication skills
My husband is my best friend; he helps me a lot. For example we go shopping with each other; he helps me in housekeeping, we usually go on a trip every weekend, he participates in solving our life problems, in brief, we often are with each other. These [factors] motivate me to enjoy being sexually active true and caring companionship